Would someone be so kind as to tell me what this is from?

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I know I’m overly sensitive at this point in time which is why I’m restraining myself (and this is a restraint), but I hope you have night terrors for a week, and that your mother, who has no understanding of correcting her own child’s indelicate public behavior gets no sleep because of you, and is pissed at you because of it.


You got boring. Stop it.


Aaaannnd pretend you’re sober. The game is on!!!

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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

Tim ruins everything!!!

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I just threw myself a masterfully failed pity party. And my fish blew a bubble at me. What a night!


Have happened this day.

1) I have continued to remain alive. (i do consider this important, and I am grateful for it.)

2) I have successfully paid off (in full) one of my credit cards. This means I only have two main debt points to iron out and I am FREE!!!



The view from my desk.


Can’t calm down?

Can’t go to sleep?

Want to crawl into the fetal position?

Feeling lonely?



Need to feel inspired?

Wanna laugh?

Need something to play in the background while balancing your checkbook?

Don’t feel like going out?

Is there a full moon outside?

Need some “me” time?

Do you hear strange noises in the middle of the night?

Watch a horror movie.



Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their posts, then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them in your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

I don’t usually do these, and I don’t even have eleven followers, but since I was specifically tagged, I felt like I needed to at least answer the questions. I will write the questions if someone responds that they would like me to ask them questions.

1) You can take any one idea out of your head and make it into a physical reality - what is it? Describe it in detail or I’ll punch you.

A physical sensation that the human body has returned to its optimum operating status. Something neutral, like a yawn, perhaps. Often the healing process happens so slowly/subtly that I don’t always appreciate the fact that I am no longer hurting or feeling unwell. When it’s a day or two later and I suddenly realize that my back, or something, is feeling better, I kind of feel like a jerk for taking the lack-of-pain for granted, and not being more grateful to my body for repairing itself.

2) A fairy grants you the dumbest wish in the world - you’ll never have a prominently visible pimple ever again, but you will always have a big ol’ pimple, either somewhere on your scalp, in your armpit, or on your butt. Which do you choose? (Context: I have been asking people this question since I was ten, I’m aware it’s dumb, but I have a vested interested by this point in which is the favorite here.)

Scalp. I already have a somewhat bulbous birthmark hidden under my frizz. I’m sure it would appreciate the company.

3) You have a daemon in the manner of the His Dark Materials universe! Pretty cool discovery, dude. What is the gender and species of your daemon? Name, too, if you feel like throwing incongruous vowels together, you adventurous weirdo, you.

Female. Rhinoceros. She will tell me her name in time.

4) What do you hope will come of the new Star Wars movies?

Can we talk about Next Gen instead? Or Voyager! Let’s talk about Voyager!

5) You are offered a ride in a time machine. The time traveller is generous, but petty and vengeful - you can only come along with him if you agree to beat up someone in history. Not stop from doing anything awful - just beat them up. See? Petty, right? So! Who do you end up kicking the shit out of? (You can’t pick Hitler, the time traveller already took him to task. It was pretty much the first thing he did, after cheap archeological pranks.)

Walter Jackson Freeman II.

6) Do you believe in: ghosts? aliens? monsters? demons/devils/deities? the possibility of faster-than-light travel?

All of the above.

7) You are given the chance to use the Star Trek transporter, but only after a Star Fleet science officer has informed you of the way that those transporters actually work - it’s essentially a complex scanner and incinerator on this side, and a matter replicator on the other. You aren’t transmitted, merely replicated on the other side. The Here-and-Now you will die, but the Then-and-Elsewhere you won’t have any memory of the death and will continue on as if nothing happened. But by transporting, you will arrive at the side of a dying loved one just in time to save their life. WHAT DO YOU DO.

Transport. There would be another one of me, but if my loved one dies there will never be another one of them, and I would no longer have them in my self-preserved existence.

8) What’s your favorite pun?

Honestly? I’m cumming… … …I am so immature.

9) What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve tried to do when no one was around? (Acceptable answers include: lick your elbow, do a handstand, read aloud from a creepy Latin book, use the Force.)

Telepathy, Telekinesis, Levitation, Astral Projection… the list goes on, although I believe the level of ridiculousness is subjective. Wait. Tasting cat food. I think that one can definitely be considered ridiculous.

10) If you had to play out the challenge-Death-to-a-game-and-if-you-win-you-stay-alive trope, what game would you choose to play? How do you figure your odds in this scenario?

Monopoly. I don’t really like my chances in pitting myself against a deity-type-figure to begin with, but it’s a long game. It’s a mixture of skill and luck, and I often enjoy long conversations over board games. “So, you’re death. What’s that like?”

11) Favorite band from five years ago that you don’t teeellllll anyone you still listen to, but you totally still listen to?

I just went through my entire itunes library and the only items in there that even kind of fit that description are as follows: Janet Jackson (Control), Sinead O’Conner (Nothing Compares 2 U), Aqua (Aquarium), and Enya… just all of Enya.